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Who Am I?

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Have you asked yourself lately the very question,“Who Am I?”  This seems to be a recurring theme in my life lately.  It has circled back more than once in several ways…Who Am I?  Many years ago, I believed the best way to answer this  was by the things that I did and the titles I had.  I am a mother, I am a Health Care Practice Manager, I am a woman, I am a wife and so forth and so on.  Yet, now these things seem so menial in the true context of Who We Are.  Who We Are… are not the titles we bear, nor the position we hold or even the clothes we wear.  Who We Are is different to different people but I can tell you what I understand it means for me.  Who I Am… is energy, a soul, consciousness with infinite potential. Who I Am… is the courage to choose to be authentic and to be in the nakedness of vulnerability with others so that I may be seen.  Who I Am… is living my truth even if it means that I may not be accepted or liked. Society will not define me and I will allow no one to label me or put me in a box. I choose.

Have you allowed yourself to shrink to mere labels, titles and others’ definition of you?  Do you wish to break free?  Have a long hard look in the mirror and allow yourself to “See” beyond what your eyes can reflect. Sit in silence and ask yourself, “Who Am I?” Let that unravel for some time and allow yourself to expand to your infinite possibilities.

In Wholeness

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