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Seeing From Within

This morning I woke up and I felt that I had had a powerful dream. Of course, I have been a little bit out of practice in writing in my dream journal every day but there were some things that were crystal clear to me.  I was guiding a blind man.  In the beginning, he was a bit shaky and unsure but he was open to my help and as we continued to walk in the dream we started to encounter obstacles.  There was uneven ground and then there were fences to go over.  As the trek continued, I noticed the man became more and more independent and it was as if he could see.  He no longer needed my guidance but he knew that it was nearby.

This is the work that I do! I figured this as soon as I awoke.  I am guiding those that do not see, not with the eyes, but with their inner knowing. They don’t see the greatness that we all uniquely possess within.  You have been taught by others, whether it’s your parents, friends, society, culture, to be a certain way, act a certain way, to fit into a mold that is not aligned with your highest purpose.  What results in years of feeling trapped, unhappy, stuck, miserable and playing it safe.  Blind, no less.

You want to change.  You know that something has to give. You are sick and tired of being sick and tired and you are open to guidance.  I will hold your hand.  I have been there.  The path isn’t going to be easy but you build up your confidence and you learn some tools along the way that help you trust in yourself, heal those blocks and step more and more into who you truly are and are mean to be.  So now you are jumping fences and hurdles and you are free, truly free and you can see!!  You are trusting yourself, you are in tune to your source, you can see from within. Your light is shining.  When you are able to look internally to make choices, you will start seeing positive changes in your personal and professional life.  My hand is extended. Are you ready to take it??

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