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This is the transcript to my latest video blog.  Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioKK3oJKy-Y

To be at peace with life, we must find our soul’s purpose for by doing so we cultivate wholeness and create a world of pure spirit. This quote is by Michael Teal, a poet, philosopher and shaman

I love this quote because it really speaks to the mission of my practice, to help others cultivate wholeness and find their own soul’s purpose. Finding my own soul’s purpose was a process that took time, peeling away various layers of old limiting beliefs that I had about myself and my abilities. I’ve had many mentors and teachers along the way and I still consider myself a student of this life. The great thing about it is that I showed up and I came prepared to do my work and I’m now paying it forward. It’s not a one time and done either. We are not static beings, we are constantly evolving and changing. What I am prepared to do is to be there and to walk with you. I have learned about many things on my spiritual journey. I can say that I’ve chosen crystals, reiki, shamanism and essential oils to work with but the fact is that they have chosen me as the tools that I weave into my own life and my practice to help clear us on the physical, mental and spiritual levels so that we can reconnect to those hidden or forgotten parts of ourselves and remember our greatness. In doing so we begin to heal and when we heal we feel whole complete and joyful.

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