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Running for My Life

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Greetings Tribe!

It truly has been too long since I last did a blog entry. This New Moon energy has inspired me to share my latest musings. Much has happened since moving in October.  I am happily settled, for now (San Diego is calling).  While the months before my move were much about shedding, I am now starting to build.  I am building my coaching practice by serving women and guiding them to remember their sacredness and recapture their wholeness.  It will look different for all us, I am sure, but it is truly about living authentically and fulfilling your own purpose.  I have a power punched and deeply healing program that I’m sure you’ll love and will have you living the life you’ve always dreamed of.  

All this life purpose living and business building made me turn into my own wholeness and self work.  Recently, I started running. In fact, I am training for a 5K run.  Now, I’ve never been a runner, so as you can imagine, it has been painstaking for me.  The conversations that have ensued between my body, that wants to give out, and my mind that won’t let me quit, have been stir crazy.  I often ask myself after I run, “why are you doing this?”  I mean I already workout several times a week in a small training group.  I am very happy with my fitness progress.  Why do I keep putting myself through this?  After all, my body is swearing at me.  It occurred to me that on a physical level, my muscles are learning different movements, my lungs adapting to a different breathing pattern.  On a mental level, I need to override the negative thoughts that flow in replacing it with many, ‘I can do this!’, “Keep pushing!” cheers.  It was what came later that had me running for my life.  You see, in order to get through anything seemingly difficult in life, you require persistence.  You must stay in it to get to the other side.  You have to get back up many times over to stay in the fight.  You require tenacity, perseverance’s sister.  You are not only to fight the good fight and take whatever punches life throws you, but you also have to take in new information from the hard knocks to live smarter. Well, training for long distance runs requires you to run at an even pace and control your breathing as some rules to be your best or improve your run time.  No run is ever the same and with each run you learn something about what you are capable of doing.  I am not only running for a 5K, I am running for my life. Running is my teacher and my companion in life’s challenges and of how to get to the end goal.

In Wholeness,


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