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Letting Go

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

It is so justifiable giving up people and things in our life that are toxic or harmful.  You get fed up or don’t wish to tolerate certain situations and you just move on.  Sometimes, what needs to be set free is not so obvious.  You see, we get so comfortable in certain relationships, they fulfill a need, it’s familiar to us and before we know it, we get stuck, we stop growing.  This was just the case for me.  I changed the status of my relationship. We moved apart.  I changed some priorities in my life, but after months, I found myself gravitating back to what resembled the very thing I declared I didn’t want.  I spend more time with this person, taking up more of my energy. It became this sweet distraction that kept me safe and not putting as much effort into me, my dreams, my goals, my vision.  What’s worse?  This is a person that I deeply care about, trust and love.  I listened to the message within the song….I let go…with all the pain that this caused…I let go because I had to.

When you are on a path to greater purpose, your own truth, inevitably you will need to let go of people that you care about. You don’t stop loving them. They will not be in alignment with what you will need to do to move forward and grow.  You can simply choose comfort and stay behind or you can listen to your inner calling and not look back. For me, staying behind is not an option.  I am meant for so much more and I cannot, will not deny myself the opportunity to do my work and leave my mark.  My guess, is that you know you are worth it and want to see  your own light shine as brightly.  No doubt, there will be people that will touch us profoundly and it will be hard to move on, our soul contracts have reached their completion.  In doing so, letting go, we let the Universe know that we are ready to receive the tools, gifts and new people that will help bring us more into the fullness of who we are meant to be.

In Wholeness,


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