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As my first ever blog I’m trying to figure out what words to say.  I take a moment of pause and intuitively allow the words to flow.  What comes to mind, but the song, “It’s My Turn” by Diana Ross?  I had to look up the lyrics cause I quite didn’t remember all of them. I do recall it as one of those beautiful childhood memories of my Dad serenading me.  Yes, my Dad, he is that sweet and I have a slew of other songs that make me think of him.  I digressed…back to “It’s My Turn”.  It must mean something. My Higher Self must be nudging for me to elaborate on this.  This song, really for me, evokes empowerment and owning all parts of ourselves and taking chances.  Appropriately so, I think this is the way I’m coming out, another song of Diana Ross, no pun intended.

My introduction is really about my journey.  For years I worked diligently to become someone I thought I should be. Subconsciously, I’m sure that I was looking for approval from my parents who had the unfulfilled dreams of seeing me become a doctor.  I did some pretty phenomenal things!  So it wasn’t becoming a doctor, but I stayed in health care.  I did all the climbing and have had many successful years in health care practice managment. Why is it then that when I reached what I thought was the pinnacle of my career, I was miserable?  The answer came from an invitation in the least expected place and its name was Munay Ki.

Munay Ki comes from a Quechua word that means “I love you”.  These sacred shamanic rites of initiation literally became my invitation to dream a new world into being.  I began to heal in a way that I never had and transform into who I truly am…a healer.  It’s been several years now.  I’ve had to learn how to walk in this new light and to act in new ways that are aligned with this truth.  All that I’ve experienced since then gave birth to Soul Healing.  My work has only just begun and my purpose is embued with the same fire of my rebirth and remembering.  I seek to heal others, to help you remember your truth and to recapture your own soul’s purpose.  Don’t you think it’s YOUR turn?

To learn more about the Munay Ki rites go to: www.munay-ki.org.  To receive these beautiful rites send me your request to soulhealing@denisecordero.com.

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