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Happy 40th Birthday!!

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

I’ve accomplished quite a bit and I’d like to take a moment to go through memory lane and pay some respect to the journey that has brought me to my biggest love.  I became a mom at 17 and then at 18.  It wasn’t easy but I wasn’t holding a pity party.  I was driven more than ever before to set an example for my daughters and to not be derailed.  After several years, another child at 23, and a bold move to Massachusetts from New York City, I did go to college.  There were many painful lessons that I would learn along the way.  Many times I wanted to give up but I didn’t.  Having my 3 children at my graduation was a worthwhile culmination of all my hard work and tenacity.  My career in health care by this time was well on its way.  I started as a volunteer in a renowned hospital in NYC and over the years worked my way up and around my positions and jobs until I became a manager.

I did it! I made it…so I thought!  I’ve given close to 20 years to a career I always thought I wanted, I’m sure that many can relate that being a parent, let a lone a young parent, is no walk in the park.  I wouldn’t change a thing. Being a single mother has been one of the most rewarding things I ever experienced in my life.  My children, two of them now adults, teach me so much.  Little did I know that my years of being around doctors and countless patients were only a preparation for the next best years to come.  It was just paving the way for my true calling of healing and helping others.

Birthing Soul Healing, my healing practice,  is really what I’m celebrating.  My wishes are coming true every day that I am touched by another’s life and story, every time that I am shown the power of healing in the testimonies of the people I care for in my practice.  My journey continues, the lessons continue.  Our Mother, Pachamama (Earth), needs us, our animals need us as do many souls that have yet to see their own inner light. This is an open invitation for you to experience Soul Healing.

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