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Cultivating Inner Beauty

When I was younger I remember struggling with terrible self image issues.  I didn’t know exactly what was pretty,I just knew that it wasn’t me.  I constantly looked at my peers and anything looked better than me.  For years, I looked towards other girls, magazines and TV to find what looked beautiful.  It seemed like I must have tried every fad in fashion and hair style. Momentarily it helped, but then I was back to feeling depressed.  I often told myself “I am just not going to be pretty.”  Together with the pressures of the society I grew up in to fit in, the constant barrage of images defining beauty and my own negative self talk, I formed a low self image and therefore had low self esteem for a very long time.

Over the years of my spiritual path and consciousness development I have been gifted a new perspective, it is the other sense I call inner seeing.  I started to understand the workings of the false self, the ego.  Little did I know how asleep I was to my true nature.  You see, the ego is the trickster that ruminates on lack, on comparisons, judgement of self and others. The ego will tell you that you are lacking when in fact, we can look all around us in nature and see that there is nothing but abundance.  Our true nature, who we are, cannot be found outside of ourselves but inside, in this present moment, in the now.  As we take time to introspect through meditation, silence or other self care practices, we cultivate and nurture our inner beauty.  What’s more is that you will begin to radiate this beauty outward and you will notice that people are attracted to this.  It is our light and our truth.  The real you will never be in doubt or fear rejection or acceptance.

Take a moment each day to look at yourself in the mirror.  It will seem awkward at first and you may be tempted to pass judgement but let those pass. As you see yourself in the mirror try to look past the physicality of what is before you. Tap into your higher self, your truth and out loud begin with  saying “I AM Beautiful!”  Repeat it a few times.  You may add, “I AM Whole!”  Take a moment to breathe the energy of these statements in.  There is tremendous power in these words and it will resonate through every cell in your body. Go on!!

Only the truth of who you are, if realized, will set you free. — Eckhart Tolle

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