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Animal Spirit Medicine

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Bear Spirit

It seems that Spirit is calling me to bring forth the wisdom from my dreams so this is the path that I will continue in my writing.  I hope that it will illuminate you as much as it is me.

Last night in my dream I was revisiting with a person from my past. Every time I dream of this person it brings up a feeling of distrust and this time was no particular exception. It was at some point that I felt like I was being chased by a hungry pack of hyenas. That felt scary but as it turns out they became my allies.  This is where the hyena medicine of discrimination and discernment came through for me.  It is about being clear of what the truth is and what to trust.

In shamanistic practices, animals are powerful guides and protectors that teach us many lessons.  We just have to be open and tune in to its wisdom.  Spirit animals can provide guidance on:

  1. An aspect of yourself that is already strongly developed or needs to be explored more.

  2. A situation or environment in your everyday life that has a strong emotional impact.

  3. A life direction you could consider or reflect on.

My first experience with my own animal spirit guide was in a shamanic journey.  Lying down with my eyes covered, I set an intention to meet my “power animal”.  Guided into non-ordinary reality by the beat of a drum, I deliberately made my way into the lower world, the realm where I would meet my guide.  Since then I have met several guides and I have been able to honor them in creative ways.  One in particular, I have a picture of in my healing space.  Each has appeared at different times and in different areas of my life providing me with support and the understanding of the power the hold within to get through any of life’s situations.  They have been there along since our birth. Welcoming us into the world and being our travel companions in this journey. They lied with us in our cribs as our teddy bear and entertained us in our winding mobiles of little birds.  As we got older they were our “imaginary” best friend or that one more picture, cup or blanket that we had to have of our absolute favorite animal.  Never disregard the serendipities that life shows us.

Haven’t connected to your spirit animal but would like to? Contact me at www.denisecordero.com.

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